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Since ancient times, medicinal qualities of eurasian marshmallow leaves, by all those who trust their marshmallow leaves, have been used to help to restore their health. Citations about marshmallow leaves or marshmallow leaf (also known as Althaea officinalis) as medicine are present in over around 2900 years old epics of europe. Following extensive use in european medicine, Marshmallow spread from european countries to Asian countries, where medicinal qualities of marshmallow leaves in indian and in arab's epics found warm welcome. Long history of marshmallow benefits in eurasia as medicine for women, is its main support as medicinal herb in america and in europe, due to limited clinical trials and laboratory research on leaves of marshmallow. Citations to Marshmallow plant leaves as poultice for inflammation of skin, are found in arab's epics by herbalists. Popular belief of many of Rome's people about these Marshmallow plant leaves as a nostrum medicine, finds citations in 1900 years old rome's epics.

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